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Common Questions

Useful Information


Which of your classes is best suited for me?

We offer 3 different levels of group classes which you can choose from. Mridu (beginner), Madhya (intermediate) and Adhimatra (advanced). You are welcome to attend classes from all levels to decide which group you feel is the best fit for you. If you're having trouble choosing, we're here to help!

Can I access your online classes at any time?

All of our classes are live at the moment, so you can only attend them while they are happening. The Adhimatra classes are all recorded so you can watch the recordings after class if you join that group.

Can I book a private class?

Yes! If you would like a private session with any of our teachers, please contact them for more details.

How do I register for classes?

Our classes are all available for registration on PracticeNow! Here is the link

Are there prerequisites for taking classes here?

No. As long as you are comfortable practicing for the duration of each class, you are welcome to join anytime!

Do you have drop-in sessions?

We do! We offer drop-ins both online and in the Mysore shala.

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